Extreme DISASTER Detailing a Super MUDDY and NASTY Work Truck!!

Publicado el 12 mar 2021
Easily one of the dirtiest trucks I've ever done, this Ford F-150 Work Truck was a complete DISASTER!! Every inch was covered in dirt, mud or some kind of nasty grime and the transformation it made was spectacular!
#disasterdetail #worktruck #carcleaning
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  • That's one sweet looking truck! Hope you guys enjoyed getting to see the owner's reaction on this one! Give this video a big THUMBS UP if you did!! Oh, and we see you Mike 🤣🙄

    • How much you charge for this service

    • @Mary Soriano He cleans every inch of the vehicle it just doesn't always get cleaned on camera! If you're looking to do your own ChrisFix is another channel with great info on how to clean your roof liner. The trick is to dab lightly and use as little liquid or cleaning product as you have to.

    • Do you also clean the ceiling of the vehicle? I don't think I've seen a video of the ceiling of a car been cleaned.

    • @babey kay Every inch of the vehicle gets cleaned....I just don't film everything.

    • Why don’t you do the top half of the chair?? You could still see some stains

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  • I never understood why people have a $50,000 truck and then just destroy the interior

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  • Dude i've been eyeing that martin for 10 years. Haven't had a chance to actual buy one. lucky man.

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  • I have had a really hard time trying to remove hard water stains on my sun roof, side windows, back window, and even the side mirrors. I’ve tried using steel wool on the glass as well as bar keepers friend, but no luck. Any ideas of how to remove them?

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  • Hi!! This is Bhavith here from India. Recently we had planned for a planned for a party and bought chicken, we washed the chicken and we didn't realise there was a hole in my box the water from chicken started leaking and the seat got wet and then we noticed a bad smell in the car and it was coming from the seat and we sprayed deodorants on the seat and the smell was ok and today when I checked the smell it got worst🤢🤮. Because it is our favourite car I'm getting upset. What is the solution sir??

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  • Coño ese lavado fue emverde xk se suvio con el carsado sucio

  • Coño ese lavado fue emverde xk se suvio con el carsado sucio

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  • Great job but all I keep thinking is.....When people don't deserve to have a nice vehicle. Maybe I'm just anal about keeping my stuff nice.

  • Hey Mitch. First I love your videos. Questions: your garage looks immaculate. How you you avoid overspray and how do you keep your client’s dirt from flying everywhere?

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