Extreme DEEP Cleaning a Hunter's NASTY Truck! | INSANE Transformation of a Disgusting Hunting Rig!

Publicado el 11 dic 2020
This Hunter's GMC Sierra was absolutely FILTHY and full of all kinds of NASTY things! From pet hair to deer fur, it was an absolute DISASTER! The transformation this hunting rig makes is truly magical and the owner thought so too!
#disasterdetail #cardetailing #carcleaning
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  • Did I just clean up a crime scene or was that actually deer blood? 🤔 🤣 Either way the transformation was spectacular and the owner thought so too! Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

  • How much is detailing usually

  • how can people not have the MINOR decency to, at the very least, remove the big trash and give the vehicle a small rinse? i get second hand embarrassment every time he opens the vehicle and there’s piles of trash in there.

  • 15:31.... and 20:58... someone please tell me those songs ..that was amazing!

  • Oh man this was a perfect video! Highly satisfying!

  • #Bissell this gentleman is a walking commercial. When are you gonna endorse this guy?!

  • I would drive to Canada for this man to clean my truck. 😂😂

  • Hi there. You talked about the overwhelming amount of garbage in some of these vehicles well I believe they do it just to gross you out and to get their car on youtube. Nowadays people don't have any pride,morals or care what others think of them. What ever happened to the days when you had a reputation to protect and you did everything to keep it good. Nice job on the truck. Take care and God bless.

  • Is y’all from yorkton sk

  • What PSI washer?

  • It's sad to think that some of these vehicles are gonna get dirty again in like a month.

  • Anyone else is weirded out by the way he says garage 🤔 or just me

  • That gmc has the same body designe and Intirior as my dad Chevy Silverado

  • I’m in Canada I would love for you to clean my cars they are nothing like these lol

  • @The detailed geek is there a reason you don't use the solution from the Boswell hose ??

  • I love the up close slow motion. Really showed so much the dirt and blood picking up

  • En el costado izquierdo de atrás está toda podrida jajaj

  • Nothing like a deep cleaning vid while u shit to make you wipe your ass real good

  • What soap did you use in the pulp sprayer and are you just using the spot clean to suck up the dirt or also using a cleaning agent in it? If the latter, you using hot water?

  • Great cleaning, but it's better clean inside first

  • Off topic but I’m eating a hot pickle rn and this shit bussin

  • Why do some folks just run their vehicles into the ground, not maintaining them along the way? I see the rust along the wheel wells, the general filth. Wonder what the motor and transmission are like? Edit: I'd tell the owners who leave their personals in the car: "You leave it, it's mine." After what I've seen in your videos, you could rack up!!

  • Good stuff, he should just cut off the rust

  • This is both disgusting and pleasing. Let’s go huntin’ for some deer, or maybe turkey

  • What kind of pressure washer do u have ? @the Detail Geek

  • At least the hunter didn't throw his trash in the woods

  • Where r u located?

  • *commits murder* "Quick! Take this to The Detail Geek!"

  • I'm pretty sure this person is a human hunter/murderer, the "fur" is probably hair😐

  • irt why ppl leave trash when sending cars to ya for detail: my only guess is theyre tryin to get their penny's worth and figure leaving it for ya as part of the job. still sucks but yeah

    • and im sure a lot probs just are rly wrapped up in life/work/etc and just forget abt it

  • DetailGeek: Footage for ESmain Me: Footage for the RCMP

  • Another way to help with the blood is to just put a little peroxide on it, ad it will help it come out that much easier. Just little tips if you want it.

  • Damn the rust near the trunk thooo god damn

  • How would you clean a truck with leather seats and not carpeted floors?

  • I was a car detailer once, I quit 3 weeks later cause of the dealership I was working at, for a company sucked. The car detail company didn’t, it was the car dealership management

  • The answer to your question is yes, this guy will help you cover up a murder.

  • It’s kinda sad cause that’s what are gmc looks like cause my family goes hunting

  • if someone said that he didn’t do a “good enough job” all he’d have to do is say “go look at the youtube video and see if you change your mind”

  • Hi

  • Carpeted wheel well liners are so stupid. Automakers should put an insulating material on the backside of plastic liners, problem solved.

  • Surprised u don't take the seats out? Interesting

  • Crime scene forsure 😅👀

  • Ok, let me understand this right.. Mitch just cleaned a truck with bloodstaines..? 😱

  • Nice to see someone so passionate about something like this 😂

  • Love watching your videos, you need hooks on your walls so you can hang the floor mats and spray them, so the muck and yuck isn't going back on them, also so they can dry quicker!!! :)

  • Uau que sujeira kk

  • This is definitely a crime scene 😅

  • what a pig

  • Friend: What are you doing. Me: Watching a fine man detailing a truck. Friend : What. Me: shhh I'm watching.

  • I want him to clean my dads truck we do farming so it’s rlly mucky but the thing is my dad uses the front passenger floor as a bin so when we have food he will put the wrapper on the floor

  • Are you wearing Vessi’s ?

  • I wonder how bad the smell is

  • He helping him from the police there no evidence

  • Yes because that is definitely blood stained from a dear 😀

  • Wai I didn't mean to watch till the end.........

  • Is this guy hunting deer or humans

  • He did so good 😁

  • pLoT tWiSt hEs a mUrDeReR har har give me likes 🙄

  • Who does this?! If I had a vehicle that nice, I would not let it get like that

  • But.. why is he so beautiful? I watch your vids all the time in just to see you 😍

  • How can people let their cars go like this. I can’t even stand 1 bit of rapper in my car.

  • Hola, no termino de entender la cantidad de basura, restos de comida y otras cosas dentro de esos autos. Que tipo de persona las usa?? O le tiran adentro todo eso para hacer reality show de limpieza. En fin si es basura de verdad, habla de una conducta muy poco civilizada y asquerosa. Da asco

  • 9:08 poor Apple Watch 😔 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • How do you clean and/or sterilize your bissell after doing a big clean like this?

  • truck bed looks like when i used to scrape my knee lol

  • We use hydrogen peroxide to get blood stains out of things at the animal.hospital I work at. Hopefully that helps lmao

  • I like how this man literally cleans vehicles and has over two million subscribers

  • Very satisfying, this is the REAL meaning of WORKING ! Excellent Work dude 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • I liked the seat part

  • Top

  • What about the bloody biohazard stuff? Does it go down the drain? How do you keep safe from that?

  • anyone wonders if he listens to music while detailing vehicles or just silent with the white noise of the machinery?

  • i never realized how low mitch’s voice is. i love it.

  • 0:12 holy crap he’s sitting on that disgusting surface lol

  • Whoa woah who.. is that a vacuum attached to the wall

  • How many psi is the pressure washer

  • You seem a tid washer happy on the door panels. Is it that safe or.. okay without causing damage? I suppose just paying attention really?

  • That much water, omg!!!

  • Where does all the stuff you vacuum up go? Does it just go outside?

  • The truck is still cleaner than the Kia soccer mom car.

  • Dude is a wizard his shoes stay clean throughout the video😳🧐

  • Soy el comentario en español que buscabas ._.

  • Great job! But this is called cleaning and not detailing

  • Finally a guy who uses the truck for what it was made for!

  • Do you apply foam and scrub the bed out, or do you just power wash it?

  • Have you cleaned any of your neighbors vehicles? They must know what you do by now, dirty cars in, clean ones out.

  • Peroxide gets blood out

  • I like how he said the customer had a big reaction but it was so underwhelming lmaooo, it's just a Canadian thing being reserved like that

  • Aim frome my Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Chdck out my instagram @superliciousdoll

  • What kind of shoes are those? Are they water proof?

  • Kinda sus

  • How are these vehicles so dirty with that much trash?? I can't imagine having my car even half as bad as these. Fun to watch it getting deep cleaned though.

  • Have you ever found anything illegal in a car? 😂

  • 🙃 what is going on? Are we dressing deer IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK? AND WHY IS IT IN THE CAB OF THE TRUCK? Can you send this guy down here and we will show him how to field dress deer? It's really not a complicated order.

  • I still don't know how people can be this dirty

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  • Truck jungle juice

  • #carcleaning #cardetailing #diasterdetail

  • Bruh I wanted to hear the crunch from the vehicle but I really liked it how clean it was . My dad wants to get his car washed and since he works at a construction site it gets REALLY dirty and since my lil bro goes with him the inside is a mess 🙄😌💅🏽 let me know we’re I can call u at so I can let my dad call u