Extreme Cleaning The Dirtiest Farm Truck I've Ever Seen! | First Clean in 7 Years RAM 1500

Publicado el 23 abr 2021
This Farm Truck was absolutely TRASHED and ABUSED on the farm and had never been cleaned! The transformation this RAM 1500 makes is mind-blowing!!
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  • What an insane transformation on this farm truck!! Thumbs up and share the video if you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend everyone!

    • How much do you charge for cars like this

    • Quick question what psi pressure do you have it on

    • Bro you did magic 🪄

    • Hello detail geek I would like to know, How do people get ahold of you to detail their vehicle? and how much do you charge to do them? Thank you.

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  • My family are pretty busy and heavy crop farmers, my cousins drive Ram 2500s and 3500s, and none of their trucks come close to being this bad, they actually look brand new and they keep them up inside and out when they aren’t out in the field

  • You ever find good drugs like coke or anything like that? FINDERS KEEPERS!!!!

  • The detail geek is so good at fixing these dirty cars, im surprised he didn’t magically fix the dent in the back

  • In my state, MN, farmers get deals on Ford's and Chevys and pay no sales tax on them.

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  • If you Jack knife a trailer then you don’t need to be driving it😂

  • Love the videos, my question is that in this case why would the farmer suddenly spend out a load of money on a detail when they obviously don’t give a damm about the truck? Or do you offer them free details cause they make suck good videos ?

  • i like how the intro is basically him roasting the car

  • He moves like a robot! Everytime he perfectly rinses off the car in the beginning of each episode always amazes me

  • I would have at least swept the box out, and blasted the inside of the cab with compressed air & blow gun before taking that into you. Every farm in Canada has an air compressor, and broom.

  • Yup... just casually vacuuming up bullets. o.O

  • I can't deal with dents and broken taillights. Arrgghh!😒😱

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  • Great job Mike haha that pressure washer hits different so fast n easy to wash.my favourite part was the carpet cleaner n the interior too.aweaome job love love love so professional 🙌🏻😍😍🙌🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

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  • I have a Bissel and I notice hair and dirt that will get caught on the nozzle top under the plastic piece in the corners, does that happen to you or do you know how to rinse it out??

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  • RAM comes in Brown, turns Red, then White! Haha

  • When you remove the seats do you have to disconnect the battery? I have heard some people say that you must disconnect or you risk triggering the air bag safety system. Also when removing the seats it is all basically the same procedure for each vehicle? Unbolt and unhook wire harness and done?

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  • Watch out for the mats getting thic and the accelerator sticking, if your accelerator is sticking and your car is going out of control, put your foot on the brake HARD and shift your car into neutral.

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  • Since you're so well known, do you think customers ever let their vehicles get a bit extra-dirty just to challenge you?

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  • Do you have different little detail brushes for each section? Say, wheels, emblems, interior. Or do you use the same brushes for most things?

  • I hope you take time to eat something during your cleaning ..

  • It always amazes me on how awesome his vehicles come out at the end...you deserve every penny of what you charge for your work...

  • My dad just got a new car which is a 2011 Honda Pilot and it is like new besides the mileage also it is the 4x4 version which I think should be called 2x2

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