EXTREME Cleaning a Girl’s NASTY Car! | Disaster Detailing a Hyundai Tucson

Publicado el 19 mar 2021
The level of nasty in this car was off the charts! Full of garbage, old moldy food and some of the dirtiest floor mats I've ever seen, it needed some EXTREME cleaning to completely transform it!
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  • Love how the Tucson turned out but I have to say I was glad to get it out of my garage 🤣 Have a great weekend guys!

    • 😂 Does the owners see the videos of their car getting cleaned? I wonder if it’s satisfying to them

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    • How much did you charge for the miraculous transformation?! . The owner don't deserve to use a car, I'm wondering how about his/her house looks like. Untidy person 🤔🤔🤔😢

    • 13 hours I couldn't have gotten it that clean in 13 days! Amazing transformation! Very professional job!

    • @LDGregory47 p

  • I'm honestly really happy you're not shaming the people who own these cars. Sometimes if not all the time it's really embarrassing for people to get their cars detailed especially if they get this bad. When I got my car I kept it immaculate but then I went through a serious bought of depression for 3-4 months and my car got disgusting and it was shameful I felt so bad giving people rides in my car. I was able to finally clean and detail my car myself. Please be aware that you don't know what these people are going through and how they're living. More than likely they know their car is disgusting. There's no need to shame them they already feel ashamed.

  • Im just wondering how her room is like if her car is a dumpster...

  • My car looks like that.... but no cigarette stuff or stains

  • First of all, my car would never get this bad. But if for some reason it did, I would be too humiliated to take in to get it detailed!

  • How do people live like that?

  • after seeing all the elbow grease this guy is using on a nasty carpet, If I were him I would've just replaced the carpet with a new one, new carpets are $130 for this Tucson.

  • You should have hit the owner with the steamer 😂😂

  • Wow what does it say about the person who drives it , I wouldn't like to see their home. Disgusting Absolutely great job on the detailing. 👍👍

  • You’re a brave man...hate to see this girls house

  • This person overall is a filthy person. I can’t imagine what her house looks like. You sir, out did yourself! Amazing work

  • Hi , I love watching your videos, its so satisfying 🥰 A quick question: How long does it take for you to clean a vehicle?

  • What all do I need to clean my car I just got a car last moth and I would like to keep it looking like new I just love your videos that why I am asking and thank you

  • Did she bite a chunk off the steering wheel. The top looked like someone tried to bite it off 😂

  • please,,, some rainboots,,,please,,,,,,,,,,your poor shoes,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,

  • You can put all the dirty water in any bush area near your house instead of drain. Or if you have plants at home just experiment which plants will tolerate the chemicals in the water and just water them each day with it , they'll put the pure water into the atmosphere by transpiration

    • But don't put the dirty chemical water anywhere where they're are animals , plants which animals or humans eat or somewhere where it can poison the ecosystem

  • How do you clean seat belts?

  • What do you with all the garbage or belongings you find inside the car's?

  • Now just collect all the garbage you found inside , including the dust,mold etc and mail it to her in a neat , gift wrapped box

  • What a mess. Working on this car comes with a health hazard warning.

  • I'd love to see the insides of the people who live this way because wowza 😲

  • At 3:00 he says, thr customer said that she took this car to another detailer who didn't do a good job. My Question is: How did she manage to dirty the car so much in just 1 year?????

  • I just got my first vehicle about a week or so ago. A 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. It was second hand and all, but I love that thing so much. As soon as I got it home I vacuumed that sucker up because there was some confetti and easter egg shells left there from the recent festivities. Everything else was fine, but the confetti and egg shells bothered me so much. I could not stand driving around in a car with something as harmless as confetti! I cannot begin to imagine driving in something as dirty and disgusting as the vehicle in the vid.

  • If only all men were as dedicated to their standards of work as you.

  • Cigarettes in cars are just.... 🤢🤮

  • Omg the car is so dirty I can’t imagine how the house will be

  • Que ascoooooo

  • This video really bothered me until I saw the drain in the garage!

  • Muita sujeira tô chocado

  • Muita sujeira, tô chocado

  • That girl better not let his hard work go to waste!

  • Just burn it.

  • stilll waiting on those GUROSSS t shirts

  • It’s one thing to just not clean and detail your car but to thro food and refuse is a whole different level of trifling.

  • Honestly, what do the flats of these people look like? I have seen rubbish trucks that were much cleaner! Disgusting!

  • Jeez! Was she chewing in the top of her steering wheel because she was out of moldy fries!?!?🤮

  • I envy your patients my guy! Very nice work!

  • So, no one is gonna talk about the decepticon sticker at 3:11?

  • Honey Child, you should have been standing outside this vehicle doing a “MIKE DROP” after this truck 🤣😂 I was even doubting that you could get that one clean!!!

  • Nobody talking about the condom🤣

  • I know you said that you think you showing the whole process of cleaning a vehicle would be too long but I for one wouldn’t mind a long video at times. Just watching you clean the vehicles makes me so clam. And the fact that you only interject here and there makes it relaxing as well.

  • this man got a vacuum in his wall?!

  • My entire night consists of getting stoned to the bone and watch this dude mr. clean tf out of a car

  • Hello detail geek , i love your videos but i wanna now what machine is that you vacum the chair , RESPECT FROM KOSOVO 🙌😉

  • I'm from Brazil and I love watching your videos

  • I never see you doing “ceiling” in the car, end especially when it comes to car of a smoker. But over all AMAZING job!!!!

  • This man blinks way to fast 😂😂

  • 10:51 sus

  • This car: Please don't give me back, jesus christ, NO

  • Hello,how much этот срач?

  • The best thing you could have done with that car was ..... SET FIRE TO IT!!!!

  • Ewwwwwwww 🤭🤭🤭

  • How are people not getting rid of at least the trash before handing their car to a detailer.. so disgusting 🤢 and really embarrassing!

  • I am your fan ☺️

  • Women always have the nastiest cars. Smh so embarrassing.

  • 9:56 AMOGUS

  • So glad we don’t have smelly vision xx

  • Unreal transformation. Good job! 👏🏽👏🏽

  • I can just imagine how they live🥴

  • How much do you charge for a cleaning and where are you ? Please.

  • I clean my car every week, how do people just not care.

  • Can you make a video explaining how to break down the 20-1 ratios or what have you for all the cleaners or soaps you use??? Plz!!

  • 10$ says this chick is fat

  • I can only imagine how the engine block looks, I’m sure she missed some basic mechanical maintenance

  • What brand are your grey waterproof shoes? I know you mentioned it in a video, (maybe even this one) but I’ve watched so many I have no idea which video you mention them in!

  • How about sharing the customers expression when he/she sees the car after the job ?

  • DG, you can make a landfill sparkle! Props man!

  • Just nasty. I'd hate to see her fridge

  • I can’t believe people would let it get that bad they must be dumping garbage in the vehicle before bringing it to you lol

  • 10:25 among us floor mat? 😳😳😳

  • How can anyone just leave dropped food etc on the floor & not even bothered in cleaning it up in any shape or form? God knows what her house is like & herself as a person in general!

  • Che schifo, ti potevi prendere anche il colera 😅

  • Ozone machine? I'd have used a flamethrower.

  • You should start posting reactions as well

  • What does something like this cost me to get done?

  • 10:40 the car matt sus

  • You are very thorough, hence the name but do you ever get over it and try to rush through. Like burnout I guess and when you do what do you do about it, cuz your job doesn't allow for that!!!

  • Краткий видос о то что свиньи есть в любой стране

  • 3:10 I think she's got bigger problems than another detailer not doing a good job

  • Not me having a water bottle and a bag of chips in my car thinking im a filthy as person then i see this😂😂😂

  • Hi there. Times are tough right now but in the future I might have the means to subscribe to the channel. However if it isn't too personal may I ask how much does it cost to do that 13hour job? I felt so bad for you to have to go through that mess. You are a true gentleman for it. Take care and God bless.

  • Is the owner the same chick from the Pontiac G5 vid??

  • me : has a messy room with crap everywhere and pretends to be shocked on how dirty the car is

  • Also, how can it be that it looks like that inside, but the outside of the cars done are always intact.

  • How do people allow their cars to get like this? How? Just how? Please explain. How?

  • 9:53 amogus

  • Me finally going to the main youtube page after a 2 hour grass cutting video binge, looking for a normal video again:🥱🤳🏼 ESmain: EXTREME Cleaning of Girl's NASTY CAR!!!!! Me: 📱👀

  • The mud!

  • Can you detail a 2008 Nissan rouge SL please

  • Great job👍👍 i love the satisfaction of cleaning

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  • looks like my stepfathers car 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • What do you charge for something like this ?

  • Jesus Christ the amount of hate directed towards this cars owner is insane. Some people have depression, some people DONT HAVE TIME. Why assume she’s just a slob?? And if she is? Well, that’s on her and I’m sure she feels bad enough about it without everyone bitching about it.

  • Do you detail the engine bay

  • How can someone seriously drive around and not want to go to a damn car wash. That's so disgusting

  • Those micro fiber towels have been through alot!

  • Убил бы за такое состояние авто

  • Why don’t people have no plates on their car

  • I think the bicarb was for the smell 😉