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Hey! I'm Mitch, The Detail Geek and on my channel I provide you with all kinds of detailing entertainment and purely satisfying videos! If you want to see some insane transformations of dirty vehicles, nasty carpets, or learn a thing or two about detailing along the way, then you've come to the right place!



  • I never see you clean seat belts in your videos. Is that something you extract or just take a towel and spray to it?

  • A awesome job! But I’m amazed to wonder what her house looks like.

  • At least they don't throw their trash on the road side.🤦‍♂

  • Do you let the mats air dry? Or do you use the carpet cleaner get get the extra water off? Just wondering. I'm obsessed with your videos. Also, in your new shop, you should have hooks on your walls for the rubber mats to dry! :)

  • Whoever owned this car should be publicly executed.

  • You don’t clean car sealing bro, but you did 👏

  • Just disgusting.. Great job though

  • You’re though to beat m8. I don’t know many shops that’d go to the lengths you do. All the corners are round because of being cut so often. Cheers.

  • Can't imagine what anyone needs to do to make a car this dirty. Glad to see cars getting clean)

  • How much do you charge for the cleaning?

  • Amazing job cleaning the car but unfortunately since it's a Chrysler, it's bound to break down in the future

  • How can you even let it come this far.... How hard is it to hose the car down from time to time and vacuum it? Honestly disgusting... "But kids!" Yeah sorry that's no excuse, if I ever messed up my parent's car I'd get scolded and had to clean it all up perfectly, it's called discipline.

  • Pigsty on wheels.

  • Definitely not singing karaoke to his royalty free beats Oop 😂

  • How do i get you to do my car?

  • Wahnsinn!! Wow!

  • Great

  • Those carpets really vacuumed up beautifully

  • Since ozone will not eliminate odors from the source, only residual and lingering odors, why do you run the ozone before removing the trash and cigarette butts?

  • How much did the O3 generator work?? I have a truck that the mice stank up and another one with smoke, and a van that is musty smelling. Maybe I should get one. Thanks for a satisfying video!

  • I recently took the seats out of my Chrysler Pacifica and cleaned the carpet and seats. I ordered brushes that go on the drill. I learned very quickly not to push hard because the scrubbers strip easily. Other than that, it wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t want to do this for a living every day. You have so much patience.

  • You need a NBC clothing suite to be sure to be safe from diseases .... coronavirus is nothing in comparison ....

  • Dont you clean the engine part??

  • I'm thinking bong water?

  • God bless you. You are a magiscian,no way how can they sit and drive that much of dirt,and how possible can car go so wrong wow

  • Love this guy 2022

  • Great job!! I am almost inspired to do my own, but I'm

  • I love your socks